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Welcome to the website for the village of Scaldwell, which is situated near Northampton in the U.K.

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I have just stumbled over this website, quite by chance - not sure if I am addressing Paul Crotty, or Neil O'Neill, or a Mr.

C. Hawtons - but the mention of "a note to the Rectory Annexe" has me galvanised.

I now live in Los Angeles, California - and, I guess, I am getting old (68 now) - but my grandfather used to own/rent (I'm not sure which) but certainly lived in The Rectory in Scaldwell, and, from my birth in 1945, I spent several of my early years there, in the wonderful walled garden, which I only vaguely remember but will never completely forget! NOR the "tank room" on the upper floor..........…   My grandfather's name was Charles Beale - and he died around 1950. He and his wife (who died just before the War) are buried in unmarked graves in the Scaldwell Church grounds - though once quite well-off, the family were too poor after the War to fund headstones.

My memories of Scaldwell from that time include, of course, the Ironstone tramway and the overhead bucket line that took the ore to Brixworth and beyond - magic ingredients of my childhood! I remember the village shop on the green - I think that the pump was still operational at that time - and I can ALMOST remember the shopkeeper's name - Mrs. Burt? I also remember being sent by my mother to get milk (in a can) from the farm up by the church.   Across the street from the Rectory was a well-established Scaldwell family whose name (sadly now forgotten) was part of the wallpaper of my life - but, perhaps not surprisingly, I remember most of all the daughters of the Wherli (?) family, who lived just up the street where the road turned around towards Brixworth. We used to see them often, because it was not uncommon for my mother and me to walk to Brixworth and back to shop! Probably inconceivable these days...........?

After my grandfather died, and the Rectory was sold, we sometimes returned and stayed with the family who owned the farm next door - and this was probably the time when I became most enamoured of the Wherli girls! However, we also had friends who lived at the "bottom"  of the village, on the road to Old - and I well remember being allowed to walk to Old and back with their daughter - probably when we were both seven or eight years old - quite unaccompanied! HOW times have changed.........

We also had friends in Brixworth, and I have hazy memories of times spent in the "backyard" of a cottage not far from the Brixworth Church.

I have to admit that I am shocked to have found so few - if any - historic pictures of Scaldwell on-line. I have pictures dating back to immediately post-War - which will mean little to my Russian wife and my son. If you are interested, please let me know. I guess that the "old folks" my parents knew are now long gone, but ask around if anyone 'ancient' remembers Miss Beale - my mother?    So I guess - from the new gateway driven through the wall (tho' maybe 30 years ago?) that the Rectory has been divided from the stables, which are now "the Annexe"? I wonder if the main house has been divided? I have pictures of the kitchen as it was in 1945 - I used to play with the contents of my mother's bead box under the kitchen table - and be bathed in the kitchen sink! Little did she know that - compared to the Internet - her simple pictorial record would soon seem like hieroglyphics carved into the wall.......................

Sincerely, DBH

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